Picture Book Idea Month

     November has been a great month! I participated in Tara Lazar's #PiBoIdMo. The goal of this event was to come up with an idea for a children's picture book every day in November. I did it! That makes me a winner!
     Tara gathered other authors to provide some daily inspiration. I've learned so much and am overflowing with ideas for writing projects. I'm already looking forward to next year's event! 

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Unknown said...

Pamela....what a joy to have you at our book club today! I was so inspired by your story and your books. When I told Bluebonnet she was the inspiration for the Max puppet, well she just had to write about it on her blog.

So check it out at www.bluebonnetarmadillo.com

I'm really looking forward to reading this book to my grandchildren during the holidays!

Will look forward to keeping in touch and getting updates on your card making and new books.

Have a blessed Christmas.....Mary Brooke