World Card Making Day!

World Card Making Day 2012 Logo

And, there will be prizes!
     I will have a really great prize for someone who visits my blog on Saturday. To receive an entry, first sign up as a follower of my blog. Then, leave a comment telling me your favorite card making tip. If you are already a follower, you can just leave the tip. Then, check back on Monday to see if you are the winner.
     Paper Crafts Magazine started this tradition a few years back. Read all about it here: http://www.papercraftsconnection.com/blog/2012/09/world-card-making-day-contest/
     Throughout the day Saturday, I will be posting cards I've made as a part of this really fun World Card Making Day event. I will be taking part in some challenges at www.fiskateers.com. You guys are welcome to join in the fun there too. They usually have some great prizes.
     I've sent several cards in already to www.papercraftsmag.com. I can't share the Paper Crafts entries yet but I will after I get the results. They are offering some great prizes there too so make sure you check them out.
     I think most of the scrapbooking/papercrafting websites will have some fun contests going. Here's just a few I will be checking out:


Amy Martin said...

How sweet are you Pamela. Saturday is going to be alot of fun for sure. I cant wait myself. I will you luck in any and all contest you join. Especially on the Fiskateers site. Cant wait to see what you create this weekend. And I will see you then. I will come back by tomorrow and see you. HUGS..

weze said...

My best card making tip is to make 2 right away especially if you end up giving one away quickly. Or if it is a card that really turns out cute.....make slightly different versions of it!

Sue in CT said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Fiskateer site. I like your blog and now I am a follower. You have a lot of great info. on here.
Lets see, my cardmaking tip...Oh....here is one I learned the hard way. If you already have a design in mind for your card (say you want to put that new stamp you just got in the mail with that new ribbon) do a quick assembly before you do the card. What I mean by this is take a scrap piece of paper and cut it to size of the stamped image you want to use. Get your ribbons, borders, etc. and put them all in place on the card size you plan on using just to see if they all fit and look right before you go through all that work just to find that you can't use everything you wanted because there is no room or you have to un-glue your finished pieces to put on a bigger card since you ran out of room.

Happy Card Making Day!

Kelly Sas said...

I believe I am already a follower of yours through Google but under the name buckskinbelle. As far as a tip: don't be too hard on yourself. We are our own worst critics. Even if you don't think your card is good IT IS! Oh, for a real tip: you can color silver or gold or any color brads with sharpies to get the color you really need for your card.

Kelly #6558

Regena said...

Hi Pam..Im already a follower..I stopped by today because I wont be home tomorrow...not sure what my favorite cardmaking tip is... always make sure u have a good stash on hand..in case u need a card in a hurry and dont have time to make any..Hugs Regena

Rosalee said...

Hey there Pamela. So sweet of you to be offering this wonderful prize. Someone is going to be luck. I'm now a new follower of your blog.
On all of the cards I make I use digital papers and I find it very helpful to have all your stuff printed out and all my supplies ready before you start making cards. That way you rarely have to leave your craft space to get stuff and plus you can work twice as fast.
Best of luck to everyone.
Hugs, Rosalee

JoyceA said...
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JoyceA said...

I am a new follower. I enjoyed your blog and your work is beautiful. My tip is to make note of your designs when you think of them. I can not tell you how many times that I could not recall a great idea or inspiration when I finally was able to sit down and create.

Donna said...

I am a new follower and already an admirer of your creative genius. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win.

Teresa Godines #6857 said...

I am a follower too.... Can't wait to see your card tomorrow. Thanks for the chance

Karen Sue said...

I became a follower, looking forward to seeing your cards.
I'm not sure about a favorite tip, but I like to keep a bunch of premade cards, envelopes, and inserts printed with verses on hand for cardmaking, that way it's easy to assemble the cards, finish them off and file them away.

TracyM #6773 said...

I'm a new follower to your blog Pamela.
I am glad that I dropped by to visit as I now have you in my favourites too and plan on visiting often for cardmaking inspiration.
Congratulations on being featured in Card Maker Magazine!!!
My cardmaking tip is 2-fold: make sure you take photos of your card as soon as it is done (it is so easy to forget and send it off without getting one otherwise) and take notes of the dimensions, especially of your more complex designs, so that you can whip up another one just like it :)
... and another one is to remember that you can trim your base at any time while you are making it, so that your design looks perfect.
PS - I'm international, so fully understand if you don't include me in your RAK :)

simplykincke said...

I'm a new follower. My best card making tip is to save your scraps from creating a layout and immediately make a card since the papers already coordinate.