Good morning,
    I'm here and ready to start making cards! Thanks so much for stopping by. This is going to be a fun day!  Good luck to all who enter my giveaway. I have a really fun prize that I will tell you about later today. Make sure to sign up as a follower and leave your best card making tip in the comments for your chance to win. Current followers only need to leave a comment. I'll be back shortly with a card to show you.
     Happy crafting! 


  1. Looking forward to it Pamela.
    Hugs, Rosalee

  2. I thought I was already a follower, but it turns out I was a subscriber not a follower. Now I'm both! My favorite card tip is: Any time you finish a layout, use the leftover bits and pieces still on the desk to make a card.

  3. I'm a sleepy head this morning...lol...this weeks been rough with my daughter in crutches. but I'm up and ready to have fun now.. the best card making tip I can share is: to always layout everything before attaching it so you have an idea what its going to look like. And dont be afraid to mix and match colors. Some colors really do go great with eachother more than you thought. The simplest card can be just as pretty too. Happy world Card Making day...

  4. I moving so slow, I almost forgot to pop in! I made too many cards this morning and am paying for it now. My best card making tips: Layers and embellishments! They give your cards a finished look, I think. Although, I have been known to overdo! :o) Hugz!

  5. That is a great idea from Cindy. My tip is to try and keep a few precut blank cards and envelopes handy so that you can quickly whip up a card anytime you are inspired while crafting. TFS Pam.


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