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CAS-ual Fridays Color-Block Challenge CFC93

     I hope you are having a fun weekend! Thanks for spending a few minutes here. It's always nice to have you dropping in.
     It's time for another challenge at CAS-ual Fridays and this time the focus is on color blocking.
    I trimmed a white card base into the shape of an egg and color blocked it for Easter. It does stand on its own -- on its side. I thought about trimming the end to make it stand upright, but I really liked seeing the whole egg. I cut strips of colored cardstock trimming the edges with various edge cutters in my collection.
     I punched the Happy Easter letters and arranged them in a freestyle manner to keep with the nature of the egg. I added a butterfly with 'diamonds' to add some depth and movement.
     You want to play with us? You have until March 14 at noon EST to get your color block project in. You can find all the details here:


Two New Girlfriend Cards

Girls need their girlfriends and I have some great ones!
Here are two cards I've designed with  a girlfriend theme in mind.

This is one of my favorite stamps. In case you can't read it, it says, "Just when you think you've seen it all . . . you try on your bathing suit." I laugh everytime I use this stamp and it has been very popular among my card receivers. To make the card, I just cut out a few curves and then cut out a bathing suit shape. If you want the pattern let me know and I'll put one up on this site.

The color is a little off in the picture. I think it was the lighting I had to take the picture in. Anyway, the blue is a navy blue and the flowers are white. I made the flowers by taking apart some silk flowers and then putting them back together with matching brads. I use this technique a lot. Makes some beautiful cards. I watch for flowers on sale and get some great deals. Adds a great dimension to the card as well. As one of my girlfriends said these are not just 3-D flowers, they are 5-D flowers.