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Fun News

   I am so excited. I have been accepted as a Fiskateer! A Fiskateer is an Ambassador for Fiskars. I know you must be aware of Fiskars. You know, the orange-handled scissors people. That's them. I love Fiskars products. They not only make scissors but lots of tools for scrapbooking and cardmaking too. They even make yard-working equipment and tools. I had no idea about that one myself until recently.
   I have been a seamstress for 45 years and have never been without Fiskars scissors. They really are the best. I guard my sewing scissors from anyone using them on anything else. I tie a ribbon to the handle so that everyone in my family knows that those scissors are for fabric only.
   Pop over to their site and take a look around and think about applying to join us. I think it is going to be so much fun. My first project for them is to make a card using a color from one of my state symbols. Can't wait for you to see it!