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Homesteading in the Alaskan Wilderness

     Looking for something to read? My multi award-winning book, A DELIBERATE LIFE: A JOURNEY INTO THE ALASKAN WILDERNESS is only $3.99 for an e-book copy this week. Click here to order from Amazon. They also have a printed edition you can order if you prefer. And, it's available on Prime so you can have it quickly.
     You can also order A DELIBERATE LIFE anywhere you normally buy books - online or in store.

     Thanks so much for stopping in today.


Max, the Boy Raindrop and A Deliberate Life

     Just a quick reminder that both of my books, Max, the Boy Raindrop, and A Deliberate Life: A Journey into the Alaskan Wilderness, are available immediately for download on Kindle. Just click on either cover in the right-hand column or below, and it will take you to Amazon. My books are also available at Barnes & Noble or any other website where you normally buy ebooks.
     If you prefer holding a print book while you read, you can get a copy from whatever online or brick-and-mortar bookstore where you normally buy books.
     If you want an autographed copy, send an email to me, and I'll get you set up. My email is also in the right-hand column.
     If you are in Sunray, TX, you can get an autographed copy at Glitzy Lou's.
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A Great Big Thanks

     If you popped in today expecting to see a card, you might get one later today. But first, I owe you all a big thanks! You guys are buying so many e-book copies of my book, A Deliberate Life: A Journey into the Alaskan Wilderness, that you have brought new life to it. And, the price is super - less than $4 at and I know you have been buying copies since it was first published, but once my publisher made it an e-book, sales have really taken off again. Thank you so much to each one of you.
     I'm currently working on the illustrations for a children's picture book I wrote. It will be out before long. I'll keep you posted about the release date and other info.
     You guys really are the greatest!


A Deliberate Life

    As some of you know, I am a writer as well as a card designer. I just got word that my book is now officially available in ebook format. Yay!! The title is A Deliberate Life: A Journey into the Alaskan Wilderness. It's available right now at Barnes & Noble and at Amazon for less than $4.
      As participants in the Alaskan homestead program Jeff and I were allowed to stake 40 acres in the bush -or wilderness as you would call it down here. We lived many years without electricity, running water, indoor plumping and telephone. But, what a great life it was! That is, once we figured things out. We went into it thinking we knew just what to do, but the truth is we did not have a clue. But, we learned fast.  A Deliberate Life is the oftentimes humorous story of our adventure and life in the bush.
     I'll look forward to your comments if you get a chance to read it. Thanks so much for being a faithful follower of my blog.