A Break -- I Mean a Real Break

     Looks like I'll be down awhile. The good news is that we sold our house. The bad news, when we were moving the furniture out, a big heavy piece fell, and I didn't get out of the way quite quick enough. Broke both bones in my lower leg. The best news is that the doc was able to fix everything!
     It was a very bad break and the doc has me on strict bed rest for a few weeks. Our new house is not ready yet, so we are staying with relatives. They are very gracious to me.
     When I find my papers and inks probably in late September, I'll be making cards again. Until then, I'll enjoy seeing what you guys make for your blogs.
     This is the day the Lord has made and I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!
     Thanks for stopping in, Pamela


JenniferE said...

Feel better soon! I feel your pain.....I broke my ankle, 7 months pregnant, and my year and a half year old son helped me pack for a move into a new house when daddy was at work! Thank God for family to help us out. Rest, recuperate as the boxes will be there when you are ready to unpack.

Christine said...

Oh! My Goodness! Not the sort of break anyone wants!
Pray that you have a complete healing and can soon get back to crafting - and sorting in your new house!
Take care.

Sheri said...

I'm so sorry. I hope you are feeling better very soon. Glad you have people around you to cater to your every need

Teresa Doyle said...

WOW Pamela, so sorry to hear this. Take this time to rest up and take care of yourself! We will be here waiting when you're back!

Suzi said...

Bummer! But you have a pretty painted toenail! Prayers and hugz!

Jean Bullock said...

Poor baby. I hope you heal soon.