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UPDATE: Fiskars just sent me a better address to vote for my project. It looks like the pictures are blank but you sure can vote more easily. You can follow my original links and get to see everyones projects. To vote for my particular project, vote here:  https://www.facebook.com/fiskars/app_416658965052303?view_entry=2367108&app_data=view_entry%3A%3A%3A2367108
You can vote 5 times per day - all at once if you want.

    I need your votes! I am in a contest at Fiskars and I need people to vote for my project as their favorite.  We all had to use one of two embellishments in any way we wanted. I chose the circle of love and made a gift bag. Here's the page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/fiskars/app_416658965052303
And, here's a picture of my gift bag. It is on PAGE 11 of the entries near the bottom of that page. At the bottom of the first page, there is a 'skip to page __' thing you can click and it will take you to page 11. You can have 5 votes per day. I think you may have to 'like' the page to vote but I'm not clear on that. There are a lot of fun projects so I'm sure you will find some you would like to vote for. Thanks so much for your support! Hope you have a great day! Thanks so much for stopping by.

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